Were You There?

This past Sunday (11/3) Pastor Chad had a heart-to-heart talk with the congregation about the impact of faithful giving on our own lives and on the ministry we share at POP. If you were not there, you have probably heard the buzz, so here is your chance to listen and respond. The Holy Spirit moved and our congregation responded immediately with one of the most faithful Sunday offerings all year. The offering counters were stunned by the strong response of our people. It shows what can happen when we all respond together. It shows that we do not lack anything to support the incredible mission and ministry God is blessing us with at Prince of Peace. If our giving levels remain where we proved they can be this past Sunday, Prince of Peace will have "more than enough" to impact the world with the love of Christ in 2014 and beyond. The only question that remains is how you will respond to this movement of the Holy Spirit which is blowing through POP and giving birth to something new.

See the VIDEO we watched during worship.