This one is a doozy! A traditional understanding of this story says that Peter stepped out of the boat in confidence, looked at Jesus and then was distracted by the storm and the crashing waves and thunder bolts all around him.  And then was when he began to sink like a "Rock". But was it Peter's zealous faith that kept him on top of the water, for a time? Was the faith-filled act to have stepped out of the boat? Maybe Peter could have also shown his faithfulness by staying in the boat... let's explore this "what if?" together.

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

Song: "God Is Able" written by B. Fielding & R. Morgan; performed by the Prince of Peace worship band

About our preacher: Emmy Kegler is the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis ( and the founder and editor of Queer Grace, an encyclopedia of online resources around LGBTQ life and faith ( Check out her bio for more info.

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